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Pirates Life For Me by PrincesaDreamer Pirates Life For Me :iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 1 0 The Terror by PrincesaDreamer The Terror :iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0 It All Started..... by PrincesaDreamer It All Started..... :iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0 Tree of Life by PrincesaDreamer Tree of Life :iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0 Castle Dreams by PrincesaDreamer Castle Dreams :iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 1 0
Who's Afraid
Who's Afraid of the big black Beast?
With the Giant paws & the white jagged teeth
Who's afraid of the howls in the night?
With each scream causing you to run and hide
Who's afraid of the danger up ahead?
Once the moon is full, you'll soon see red
Who's Afraid?
Who is Brave?
Only the strong will survive & the weak will see their grave
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
Who's afraid of the big bad beast?
Who's afraid of the nightmares ahead?
Well then you should be afraid of me
:iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 2 0
We Are No Different (My Ode To Poe)
As a child I looked up to you.
We are no different.
You were strange and crazy.
Nobody knows what goes on in our heads.
You once spoke of Dreams within a Dream,
The Hunted Palace and other strange things.
We both desired love and those who always make our hearts weak.
I've written so many poems and stories about the ones I once loved,
Especially the ones lost to death.
My own personal Annabel Lee.
We both are fascinated with death, murder, and hearts that tells tales
People question our sanity
We just simply think deep
I mean what's so crazy about talking to Ravens,
Or burying someone alive in catacombs for the sake of revenge?
Love, guilt, revenge, murder, death
Is it really all that strange?
Are we the only ones who cry out for Lenore?
Knowing that we will see her, nevermore.
:iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0
The Fairest
You just have to be so perfect
Fair is what they call you
If they only knew your true soul
Then what would they really think of you
It's so sad how you're so naive
Believing in kindness and true love
If you only knew what lies ahead
You wouldn't be so dumb
You trusted me with poisoned laces, combs, and apples
And yet every time you fall
But once I'm through with you
The world will know who's truly the fairest of them all
:iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0
Life: As Dark As A Fairytale
It's as dark as fairytales
There are fruit of a poisonous tree with juices so sweet
But its venom can put you into an eternal sleep
There are no happy endings
Young naive girls fall for a prince
To only be left for another woman
Witches lurk about like vultures stalking their prey
Casting spells on the young and weak
Mother's trade their first born for gold & wealth
Yes, this all happens in the real world
Relationships end in chaos
Parents abandon their children out of selfishness
Princesses are being raped by their Princes
Evil wins more than good
Blood flows more than the tears of the broken hearted
As dark as fairytales
Full of Chaos, Full of Hell
:iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 1 0
Mirror Mirror (Dark FairyTale Series 1)
I wish that I could just shatter all your glass/
Just so I can erase my troubled past/
It hurts every time I look at your face/
Because you always show me the thing I mostly hate/
Mirror, Mirror why do you hate me so/
Mirror, Mirror why do you crush my soul/
Every day, I try my best not to look your way/
Because the things that you show me is all black and grey/
All the layers and the shading is just too much for me/
I'm just a girl with a complex, fighting to break free/
But I can't/
Because the truth is I need you/
Mirror, Mirror why do you have to be so cruel/
And why do I despise you for just speaking the truth/
:iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0
My Swag by PrincesaDreamer My Swag :iconprincesadreamer:PrincesaDreamer 0 0


The Maleficent x Aurora Group!!!
To join press the join button at the top of the page.
~*~Submitting Art~*~
To submit art press the contribute art button at the top of the page.
:bulletgreen: Maleficent x Aurora Fanfiction :bulletyellow:
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:iconmaleficent-x-aurora:Maleficent-x-Aurora 4 0
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About costume swap
I did not notice until I am told, but it seems my works had a tremendous amount of response on tumblr. I would've never imagined. I'm wondering whether I should be glad or become nervous. lol
But thank you for your watching my works!
Now, I finished drawing this series except the characters in the movies which I have never seen.
I draw pictures for my own enjoyment, so I cannot draw what is outside my field. I love girls so much.
I'm frequently asked:
-Do you draw men in women's clothes?
I don't intend to draw costume swap guys at all.
-Do you do villains or nonhuman characters?
I don't do it as well.
-Do you do Wendy, Tinker Belle or other human girls?
At the moment, I can't do them because I haven't watched the movies they appear on. If I watch the rest of the movies in the future, then I may start drawing again. 
-How do you decide what they wear?
The selection of clothes is whether it suits her, and wh
:icongodohelp:godohelp 21 57


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